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A native Philadelphian who currently resides in Los Angeles by way of the ‘big apple’, New York, New York. Since relocating from NY to Los Angeles, I have worn many creative hats: actress, voice-over artist, writer and producer.


As a theater baby, the stage has always been a home to my craft as an actor.  I was nominated for a L.A. Stage Alliance Ovation Award for Featured Actress in a Play for my portrayal of Martha Pentecost in the Fountain Theater’s 2006 production of August Wilson’s Joe Turner’s Come and Gone.


I have also enjoyed working on screen in such films as: Kai; Within; Family and my very own, Bathroom Vanities, a don’t-judge-a-book-by-it’s-cover comedy about one woman’s unforgettable experience in a ladies’ bathroom, which I starred, co-wrote and produced under the umbrella of my production company, NeW•YiLLy Entertainment.  Also, the listener out there, my voice can also be heard on many audio books including Katie Couric’s, The Best Advice I Ever Got.


That being said, 2011 brought me a new hat to wear and further creative expansion with the 2012 launch of  Adenrele Ojo Photography.  If you are anything like me, you’ll find yourself being one of the ones with the camera at every party, event, whatever it is!  You could find me and my little Sony point and shoot, capturing as many moments as I could.  That IS what photography is all about, ‘capturing a moment’, right!  Well, I this desire to be more artistic with my shooting, whether it was the way the street light shone down on a wet street or the way the sun set over the ocean, or a silly face of a friend or a couple lost in one another.  I wanted to not only capture the moment, but make art doing it.  As an actor, capturing the moment is so important, especially in a picture. 


I would hire a photographer to take my head shots.  And that’s what I would get; a zillion pictures of me in a box from my chest up, which was fine to give to my agent or post a picture on one of the casting websites, but I found that I never had anything fun that I could really use beyond that.  We ARE artists and so much more than just a box with borders.  I believe a good photographer allows you to play. YES, we are definitely going to get that great head shot, ‘the box’…but what about your BRAND; your brand extends beyond a headshot in a box!   


As a photographer, I want to give and capture that experience in all aspects of my photography.  It’s not just about taking pictures; it truly is about creating ART, capturing moments that make people stop and look.  I mean, why take the shot if they’re not. 


Looking forward to playing with all of you!

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