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For your specific PHOTOGRAPHY needs, call today to discuss packages and pricing!​ 323-909-2793

Headshot & Print Photography

Headshot sessions take place mostly outdoor (in the surrounding area). 

(NOTE:  For rain days, photo shoots may have to be rescheduled.)


For Headshot and Print/Lifestyle Packages, pricing is based upon the number of ‘Looks’. 


A ‘Look’ is a wardrobe change.  Be specific about what you are looking to achieve.  (Adjustments to wardrobe is allowable, i.e, jackets, ties, scarves, hats, glasses, shaving during look (men), minor hair adjustment (women), etc.)




  • We charge $225 for the first look and $100 for each additional look.




  • We have wonderful make-up artists on the team who will stay your entire shoot.  And, yes MEN need make-up too.  Please arrive with a clean, moisturized face.  Also, we recognize, we come in many different colors and hues, so feel free to bring your favorite concealer and foundation to the shoot.


  • ** All hair and makeup artists working with Adenrele Ojo Photography are independent contractors, and payment is made directly to them at the time of your shoot.




  • I would be more than happy to do a phone consultation with you.  The first half hour is free. $25 for each additional half hour.




  • YES.  Retouching services are offered and recommended.  Please contact us for rates.


  • Headshot retouching includes photo color enhancement, removing of stray hairs, blemishes, dark circles, cleaning up the overall skin texture, etc.  As most times, you only get one chance to make a great first impression, though it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

Preparing For Your Photo Shoot
  • How do I prepare for my shoot?  What do I need to think about?


  • How do you want to BRAND yourself?


  • How do you see yourself as being cast?  How do you want to be cast?  Look at television, what do those roles look like?  Look through magazines.


  • What roles do you tend to go out for?  What television shows and/or movies could you (realistically) see yourself in?  Be SPECIFIC!


  • What ways are you interested in marketing yourself? ie. Agent, Online Casting Services, Personal Website, Social Networks, Blog, etc.  What does that look like?


  • What you wear affects your mood, attitude and comfort level that you bring to the camera.


  • Bring colors that ‘pop’ and compliment your skin tone.  Lower necklines for ladies is always a plus.


  • Bring your accessories… Belts, Ties, Simple Jewelry, Brassiere Changes… even Shoes.  BECOME THAT CHARACTER TO THE FULLEST!


  • Consider layered looks to assist with your changes, jackets, vests, hats, etc. 





Most importantly, come to HAVE FUN and EXPLORE!!!

Scheduling & Payments

To schedule a photo shoot, please call 323-909-2793 or email


Upon scheduling a shoot date, Adenrele Ojo Photography requires a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of making your appointment.  Payments can be made over the phone or through PayPal.  PayPal deposit payments are to be made within 24 hours from receipt of invoice unless otherwise discussed.  Deposits NOT made within 24 Hours will forfeit their selected shoot date.


Photo Shoot Balance can be paid the day of the shoot in cash or via credit card.  NO CHECKS ACCEPTED.


We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. NOTE:  There is a 3.5% surcharge added to all credit card payments.



Reschedules & Cancellations

Cancellations must be made within 3 BUSINESS DAYS from the date of the scheduled shoot.  (If your shoot is on a Monday, you must cancel by Wednesday to receive a refund, etc.)  Cancellations NOT made within that time will forfeit the deposit. 


As we understand the nature of the business, we allow 2 non-penalty last minute reschedules (the day before your scheduled shoot).  You can however, reschedule your appointment without forfeiting your deposit.  SAME DAY RESCHEDULES will incur a $30 fee added to your photo shoot balance.


Look forward to hearing from you... 



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